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Looks Custom Built!

I am so obsessed with this closet! It was so easy to assemble and very sturdy! I love how easy the shelves and drawers are to change out! This made my closet look so custom built! Can’t wait to do more of my closets!

Jessie E.
I’ll Have This System For 20+ Years

I was tired of my old closet, dusty carpet, faded walls, and a boring wire-frame rail that presented my clothes, too high on the wall and always in my face. It was time for a change. Out came the carpet (so much dust), ripped out the wireframe, filled the holes, a fresh coat of white paint, new LED lights, and some new laminate flooring. It was time to fill this new fresh space with something worthy. I was given this product for free but reviewed genuinely based on its use. My upscale closet arrived in 4 big boxes but the packaging is well designed to ensure that every item arrives pristine. After arranging the items on the floor and seeing where all the pieces were the closet system went together very quickly. I was able to put the frame together on my own and the build quality is very sturdy. I will not have to change this out for 20+ yrs, this closet will outlive my tenure in this house. I secured it to the wall and slid the shelves and drawers into place. My first configuration had the clothes hanging a little too low so I moved them up and it was perfect. Being able to move things around means that as my needs change over time, I can tweak or add to my closet. This gives me much more flexibility than before. All in all, the painting and flooring took 8 hours and the closet went up in about 90 mins and the impact was immediate and impressive. I have fallen in love with Closets by Liberty and look forward to upgrading my other closets around the house. This will definitely add that WOW factor to my principle bedroom and add value to my home. Well worth the investment.

Sol F.
I Find Myself Staring

I am obsessed with this closet system. My closet was awful, only one rod to hang my clothes, no where near enough. Right now I only have two of the three sections installed because I need some work done on the inside of the closet before the last piece can go in, but I am so thrilled with what is already installed.

Installation was quick and easy, only downside is the parts weren’t labeled very clearly in relation to the instructions. Even at that, my husband had it installed in about 2 hours and said he’d install them all day long.

I find myself staring at the closet, I’m so happy with it. It looks so beautiful that I’m removing the doors to the closet bc it fits so seamlessly in the room.

We will be building a house in the next year and every closet will have one of these systems in it!

My Favorite Quarantine Project

This closet organizer is definitely my favorite quarantine project so far. I had cleaned out the space recently but it was never possible to keep it organized for very long. I had a very large front closet but two of the shelves at the top were essentially useless. I can't reach them and the space was just awkward and got cluttered very easily. The Closets by Liberty closet storage system was incredibly easy to install (it took some time but directions were very clear) and it allowed me to move all of that space to shelves that were much more practical and significantly easier to access. I still have space on top of the unit that I was able to store the items that I rarely use. It looks great aesthetically but even more important it just allows me to properly utilize all of the space that I had. I love love love it. *I was given this product for free, but reviewed genuinely based on its use.*


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