Less Mess, Less Stress: Successfully Share a Closet With Your Spouse

Posted: May 19, 2023
5 min. read
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The days of arguing over shared closet space and struggling to find your items in a disorganized his & hers closet are over!

The Closets by Liberty organizer system allowed my husband and I to customize our sides of the closet. My husband customized his unit to fit his needs and I set mine up to insure everything that was previously piled up had their own space. It looks so great and legitimately transformed our closet.

We’re covering 7 tips for successfully sharing a closet with your spouse. Then get inspired by some of our favorite his & hers closets!

1. Pare down and examine your wardrobe.

Take a look at the clothes in your closet. Chances are both you and your spouse have unworn or outdated items that are taking up valuable storage space. 

Before you begin reorganizing your closet, spend some time culling down your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn an item in the past year, it doesn’t need to be stored in your new closet system. Either pack it to be stored away or create a pile for donation.

Now that you can see what clothes you really wear, you can take a look at how your wardrobe breaks down. Do you have a large shoe collection? A lot of hanging shirts and dresses? Or lots of folded items that need to be stored in drawers?

2. Choose a flexible system that works for both of you.

You and your spouse likely have very different wardrobes! One of you may need more hanging space while the other needs more shelving or drawer space. It’s important to choose a closet organization system that offers the flexibility to customize your storage.

Closets by Liberty™ systems are completely adjustable. With just a click you can move shelves, hanging rods, and drawers to any tower or any height. That means your storage and your spouse’s storage can look totally different.

Home improvement blogger Jessie Ecker used two of our 4-foot systems to transform her reach-in closet into functional storage for a stunning his & hers closet. On the left, she adjusted the extra hanging space for herself. On the right, she added drawers and bins for her husband.

two four-foot closets
Photo credit: @eyeinthedetail

3. Agree on the proper division of storage.

Once you’ve selected a flexible system and installed it in your closet, it’s time to divide up the storage space. Closets by Liberty™ systems make this process easy!

In a reach-in closet, you can use the towers to assign each person their own space. Simply divvy up the sections and adjust the shelves, rods, and drawers to share the storage.

In a walk-in closet, you can select multiple systems. DIY blogger Stephanie Watkins turned her primary walk-in closet into a bohemian paradise with an 8-foot system and a 10-foot system. On the left, her husband’s 8-foot system is perfect for storing his collection of button-downs and dress shirts.

men's shirts hanging in a closet
Photo credit: @casawatkinsblog

On the right, Stephanie’s slightly larger 10-foot system displays her bags and shoes with style.

woman's side of the closet
Photo credit: @casawatkinsblog

4. Select accessories that double as storage.

Jewelry boxes and decorative bins not only bring your personal design style into the closet but serve as bonus storage space for small items. 

We love how Amy from the Coastal Oak lifestyle blog accessorized her space. The neutral tones and earthy textures look great on both his and her side of the closet!

closet with bins and boxes
Photo credit: @thecoastaloak

5. Set ground rules for this shared space.

Now that you each have a customized and organized area within the closet, it’s time to lay down some ground rules. After all, you’ll still have some shared areas like laundry baskets and floorspace. Make a plan for keeping the closet area tidy, doing the laundry in a timely manner, and putting away clean clothes. 

Amy tucked her laundry bin right into her system, keeping it out of the way.

laundry bin tucked into closet
Photo credit: @thecoastaloak

6. Reevaluate your storage as the seasons change.

As the seasons change, so do your wardrobes. You’ll likely need to adjust your organization to better fit bulky coats in the winter or added dresses in the summer. For helpful tips, check out our post on transitioning your closet from season to season!

7. Utilize the entire space to maximize storage.

Closets by Liberty™ systems feature a solid top shelf that’s the perfect place for storing out of season or rarely worn items. Simply pack your clothes into airtight containers and place them up and out of reach.

Looking for his & hers closet inspiration? Here are some of our favorite shared closet transformations:

Yours could be next! Shop closet systems now.