The Best Closet Door Styles For Your Home

Posted: May 22, 2023
5 min. read
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Closet doors are the unsung heroes of closet design—essential but often overlooked. Not only do they hide the storage and keep your space tidy, they also complement your room’s interior design style to create a cohesive look.

Choosing the right closet door style depends on your room’s size, layout, and overall aesthetic. Explore the most popular closet door styles to discover which one will enhance your space.

1. French Closet Doors

Open black French closet door
Photo Credit: @eyeinthedetail

The epitome of elegance and classic style, French closet doors are hinged double doors that open out to the side. Put your own twist on this traditional door style by customizing your French door with fresh paint, metallic hardware and unique paneling to further enhance your closet space.

2. Pivot Door

Black pivot closet door

Bold and beautiful, pivot closet doors add dramatic elegance in large, spacious rooms. Unlike standard swing or sliding doors which hang from hinges in the frame, they swing on a spindle mounted in the top and bottom of the door. This allows the door to open out fully, giving access to the entire closet opening.

3. Single Swing Door

Single swinging door opening into bohemian style walk-in closet
Photo Credit: @casawatkinsliving

Single panel hinged doors will never go out of style. With a simple swinging mechanism, they’re durable and reliable for small and big closets alike. These doors can either open inward for walk-in closets or outward for reach-in closets. Offered in a variety of materials, colors and finishes, you can easily personalize them to your space.

4. Bi-Fold Door

Gif of bifold door opening and closingWith a compact design, bi-fold closet doors are ideal for small reach-in closets. They’re installed to fold back to one or both sides, giving you complete access to your closet without taking double the floor space of a swinging door. Available in any color or finish imaginable, bi-folds can be easily customized to enhance any design style.

5. Pocket Door

Pocket door slightly ajar

Sliding into a compartment in the wall to open or shut, pocket closet doors save floor space in smaller rooms. They are completely hidden when fully open so you have total access to your closet. Pocket doors can match any décor from traditional to contemporary. Experiment with hardware, stain, or even frosted or stained glass inserts for a perfectly personalized closet design.

6. Bypass (Sliding) Door

Open white bypass sliding door showing men's wardrobe
Photo Credit: Amber R.

Bypass or sliding closet doors slide open and shut on a track. Unlike a pocket door, you can only access one part of your closet at a given time. The space-saving design makes them perfect for reach-in closets set in tight quarters. From wood to glass to mirrored panels, bypass closet doors can add style to any room.

7. Sliding Barn Door

White sliding barn door with plant beside it

Give your room a rustic or industrial vibe with a sliding barn door. It moves on a track similar to a bypass door, but slides along the outside of the door frame. Because it sits almost flush against the wall, a barn door glides smoothly back and forth for space-saving convenience.

8. Chalkboard Paint Door

Make a playful impact with a chalkboard closet door by turning a drab door into an imaginative canvas to let your child’s artwork shine. This quick DIY project will bring endless fun and creativity into your kid’s bedroom or playroom.

9. Curtain Door

Brown fabric curtain

For a fresh and contemporary way to conceal your belongings, replace your closet door with a decorative curtain. You can play around with fabrics, patterns and colors to create a curtain door that reflects your personal style. Their casual and airy appearance makes them a great alternative door for your bathroom linen closet.

10. No Closet Door

6-foot closet system with chandelier
Photo Credit: @sandramorganliving

Open closets are having a moment! You can use a floor-based, free-standing closet organizer to create a closet where there is none, such as a bedroom or office. Because your closet is exposed for all to see, be sure to keep everything extra tidy at all times.

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