Preparing Your Closets for Guests During the Holidays

Posted: May 19, 2023
6 min. read
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Closets by Liberty™ is here to make hosting easier and stress-free so you can enjoy yourself every bit as much as your guests. Our collection of custom closet organization systems can help you corral the clutter and make your visitors feel welcomed and more comfortable during their stay.

Explore all the ways you can use our flexible storage systems in different closet spaces throughout your home to get them company-ready in time for the holiday celebrations.

Guest Bedroom Closet

If you’re like many people, your guest bedroom closet is overflowing with items that couldn’t fit anywhere else. But it’s a major pain to have to clear out and store all that clutter every time you’re expecting guests, especially during the busy holiday season. 

Closets by Liberty™ 4- or 6-foot closet systems are ideal for maximizing small to average guest room closets to help you wrangle your belongings out of the way to make room for your guests’ items. Having their own space will help them feel welcome and right at home.

My guest room closet was in need of organization. This system allowed me to create that space. I found that the system was easy to assemble. The vertical rails were easy to attach to the wall due to the anchor sets. It took a bit longer to assemble the drawers. I like the flexibility to reconfigure the system. As well as the option to purchase additional items to add to the kit, as my needs change.

For most guests, the 4-Foot Traditional system will meet all their storage needs. Featuring hanging space, moveable shelves and drawers, this organizer gives users the flexibility to make the space work for them. If your guest room closet is slightly bigger, our 6-Foot Traditional system offers a third tower to provide even more storage options.

guest bedroom closet organization system

Half the fun of holiday celebrations is dressing up, which means your guests will be packing sparkly cocktail dresses, pressed suit jackets and other hanging items. With three hanging sections, our 4-Foot Extra Hanging system will keep their garments wrinkle-free during their stay. 

We all know that one guest who will tote almost an entire suitcase full of shoes. For the shoe lover, our 4-Foot Extra Shelving system would be a dream come true. The additional shelving space can easily display all their footwear and adjust to any height to fit every style of shoe, from knee-high boots to flats. 

Coat/Entry Closet Organization

When you’re expecting house guests, you should also expect to be handed a bunch of coats, shoes and bags as you greet them. It might be tempting to just throw everything into the coat closet without another thought, but this will only create a mess. 

hanging coats

Instead, you’ll need to add a storage solution like our 4-Foot Extra Shelving system, which has a good blend of hanging and shelving space to neatly stash everyone’s belongings. Hang up all the heavy winter coats across the two top rods and line all the shoes and bags along the eight shelves to quickly and easily retrieve guests’ items when they leave.

Bathroom Closet Organization

Think of a host as a hotel concierge. Guests will come to you for assistance so it’s smart to anticipate what they might need for their stay—the big one being bathroom essentials because someone always forgets a toothbrush. 

Pamper your guests by stockpiling extra toiletries, fresh towels and toilet paper. To ensure everything is easy to find and accessible, organize your guest bathroom closet with our 4-Foot Linen & Pantry system. It features ten shelves that are designed to organize smaller spaces for maximum storage. You can also add hanging rods and drawers for even more flexibility to prepare for your guests’ needs.

bathroom closet organization system beside walk-in shower

Laundry Room Closet

Whether it’s a spacious room or a tiny closet, your laundry space needs to have plenty of storage options to stash all of your hosting essentials, from extra linens to holiday decorations. This is especially true if it doubles as a mudroom and acts like a catchall for miscellaneous items.

folded linens in baskets

Tiny laundry rooms can maximize their efficiency with wall-to-wall shelving that looks like built-in storage. With ten shelves, our 4-Foot Linen & Pantry system will slide right up against the wall to maximize every inch of space efficiently. For inspiration, see how The Handmade Home upgraded their laundry room storage with that system.

If an entire room is designated as your laundry space (i.e. the basement), add our 6-Foot Traditional system to help you organize the extra footage. This system is composed of 3 two-foot towers that feature a mix of moveable shelves, deep drawers, and rods for endless storage possibilities. All of the essentials you’ll need for holiday entertaining will be right at your fingertips for stress-free preparation.

Get Guest-Ready for the Holidays with a Customizable Closet System

Hosting guests for the holidays can be stressful if you don’t get organized beforehand. Closets by Liberty™ makes it quick and easy to manage the clutter without becoming another stressor. Installation is easy, requiring only a few tools and an afternoon to transform your closet and optimize your space.

Shop closet systems now to get prepared for your guests’ arrival.