Organizing Your Bonus Room Closet to Fit Your Needs

Posted: May 22, 2023
5 min. read
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If you’re lucky enough to have a bonus room in your home, you may have transformed it into a craft room, kids’ playroom, or even a personal gym. But with that extra space comes the need for additional storage and organization. 

This is when you can get creative with how you use Closets by Liberty™ systems. With 3- to 11-foot systems available, you can create customized storage in any type of bonus room. Our systems work brilliantly in an existing closet space or against the wall to add storage where none existed.

Here are 4 bonus room storage ideas to show how you can organize your spare room based on its use.

Craft and Sewing Room

Sewing room with organizer and worktable and chair

Getting your craft or sewing room under control can feel like an uphill battle. If you’re not careful, all your ribbons, fabrics and tools can start to take over—and more time is spent searching than sewing. To organize and maintain your dream craft room, invest in a closet system with adjustable drawers, shelves and hanging rods that easily move between towers and to any height. Streamline your system to fit each project’s needs.

Sewing room storage tips:

  • Collect spools of ribbon and fabric on hanging rods that stretch across open shelving. You can sort them by size or color to quickly access what you need.
  • Keep supplies out of sight in roomy drawers. Deep drawers will store big stacks of precuts, scraps and patterns, while shallow drawers will catch your scissors, markers, and rulers.
  • Store extra sewing machines, sergers, or die-cut machines on sturdy shelves.
It’s an excellent unit for closets, but our use is as an organizer in a very busy sewing/quilting room. The space it is now in has been absolutely transformed. We are planning to order a few more drawers and shelves to add some different storage capability.
– Mark M.

Workout Room

Set of sports equipment with fitness ball, yoga mats and sneakers near wall

When it’s time to work up a sweat, you should be focusing on your form—not the clutter. A home gym is convenient and can help you stick with your fitness routine, but you’ll need to consider how to store all the equipment. A durable closet system gives you a functional yet stylish way to put everything away after your workout is done, from water bottles to kettlebells.

Home gym storage ideas

  • Trust your shelves to hold your weights and kettlebells. Each Closets by Liberty™ shelf supports up to 60lbs when properly installed.
  • Fit your blocks, mats, towels, resistance bands, and other sports equipment in baskets on the shelves to keep everything neatly organized.
  • Place your sneakers, cross trainers, and recovery sandals on the Pull Out Shoe Storage for easy access. This way they’ll be kept out of your bedroom closet in case of an odor issue.

Kids’ Playroom

Toys on closet shelf
Photo Credit: @thecreativemom

Whether your little ones love to dress up, play with toys, or work on crafts, designing a playroom (or kid’s closet) with lots of storage is a must. A custom closet system helps you store toys and create a clutter-free space once fun time is over. The best organizer should be able to adapt as your children grow and their play evolves. This will allow you to enjoy the system for years to come.

Kids’ playroom storage tips:

  • Keep all your children’s favorite toys and books on the bottom shelves and drawers so they’re easily accessible. You can add or move the storage accessories as new toys arrive and old ones break.
  • Use hanging rods to display all of the dress up clothes and costumes.
  • Label popular bins and baskets to help your kids know exactly where each toy goes. This can help speed up clean up time.
My son loves all of the organization this has provided in his closet, and I love that I can rearrange shelves, drawers, and rods. So if we decide a different configuration would be best, we can rearrange it at any time.
Natalie D.

Entertainment Room

black and white vinyl record player

Home media rooms provide a much-needed space to escape and relax. Whether you like to unwind after a long day or host parties there, it’s important to keep the area comfy and tidy. Add a Closets by Liberty™ system to enjoy storage that looks custom built-in and has room for old records, books, and devices.

Game room storage tips:

  • Display your vintage LPs, puzzles, and collectibles on open shelves to show off your personality.
  • Tuck away the collection of manuals, remotes and unused cables in drawers to banish the clutter out of sight.
  • Create a liquor shelf on one side of your closet system to make movie/game night even more fun.

Up Your Bonus Room Organization

From craft room to media room, Closets by Liberty™ systems lets you create customized storage in any type of bonus room. Shop our 3- to 11-foot systems to upgrade your spare room’s organization game.