Maximize Your Closet Space by Mixing & Matching Our Closet Systems

Posted: May 22, 2023
4 min. read
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The beauty of a large primary walk-in closet is its versatility and ample storage opportunities. While many go the traditional route of covering one wall with our 10-foot closet system, it’s not your only option. 

Instead, you can get creative and mix and match our systems throughout your walk-in to truly maximize every inch. This custom layout gives you more flexibility and control over your wardrobe and space, banishing closet chaos. 

Discover the 5 secrets to mixing and matching Closets by Liberty™ closet organizers for a roomier, more personalized walk-in closet. You’ll wish you had known them sooner!

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Before a custom walk-in closet installation, you’ll need to prep your space and pare down your wardrobe. Be a brutal critic when it comes to deciding what stays and what goes. As a general rule, toss items that look worn or damaged, keep items that you love and actually wear, and donate items that remain in good condition but no longer fit. 

Once you conquer the clutter, it’s time to pick the best closet systems for your space and needs. 

Choose a Different Configuration for Each Wall

Walk-in closet with two 6-foot systems

Our 3- to 11-foot systems give you a few different configuration options, including extra-hanging, extra-shelving, and spannable shelving. This allows you to install your favorite size organizer on multiple walls but choose a layout that fits your unique needs. 

For example, one wall could have a 10-Foot Extra-Hanging system for all your dresses and blouses, while another wall has a 10-Foot Extra-Shelving system for your impressive shoe collection. 

And don’t forget you can further customize each system by moving storage accessories up and down within each tower, as well as left and right between towers to best fit your needs.

Fit the System for Both Entryway Walls

Walk-in closet with 6-ft and 4-ft systems across entry wall

Don’t forget to plan around the entrance to your closet. Doors can be tricky, breaking up a wall and creating unused wall space on either side of the entrance. If your walk-in closet’s entrance splits the wall unevenly, simply add different size systems on either side of the door to take back valuable storage space. 

For example, our 6-foot system could cover the larger side while our 4-foot system is compact enough to snuggly fit the shorter end. By mixing two-sized systems, the entire wall reaches its full storage potential.

Use Space at the Top of the Closet System

Items stored on top of closet system

Out-of-season and less-used items like handbags, hats, shoes, and suitcases need to be kept out of the way but still easily accessible. Storing them on top of your organizer saves prime real estate in your closet while ensuring you take advantage of every square foot.

Elevate Your Walk-In with Finishing Touches

Laundry hamper in corner of walk-in closet

Little details can make a big difference. Personalize your walk-in closet with stylish and functional décor to create a calming and refined space to start and end your day. You can do this by hanging ambient lighting, painting the walls a trendy color, adding a charming plant or bench, or tucking away a cute laundry hamper.

Inspired to mix and match closet organizers to maximize your closet space? Shop the Closets by Liberty™ systems here to design your dream walk-in.

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