Master Your Closet Remodel With These Three Before and After Makeovers

Posted: July 27, 2023
2 min. read
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There’s nothing like a good before & after, especially when it comes to home makeovers.

Today, we have three must-see remodels using Closets by Liberty™ organizers in sizes to fit all closets. See what these homeowners accomplished with new closet systems, a coat of paint and a free afternoon!

Kelly’s Calming Walk-in Closet Remodel 

In this primary closet remodel, Kelly Hartley of Hartley Home Design* demonstrates how to create a closet that meets your unique needs and matches your style. See how she transformed her closet into a his and hers oasis.

Jam-packed walk-in closet with dresser  Shirt, shoes, and accessories stored in closet

Before, Kelly and her husband shared a closet with plenty of hanging room, but didn’t have a lot of storage for anything else. They needed a step stool to reach the top shelves and shoes were hidden under hanging clothes.

Organized walk-in closet with stool  Drawer and shoe storage

With two 8-Foot Traditional closet systems and a new wall color, she turned her closet into a functional, beautiful oasis. Shoes are now neatly displayed on shelves for easy access, and there are plenty of drawers for storage. We love how well the white of the closet systems compliments the blue walls and gray flooring!

Stephanie’s Stylish His and Hers Closet Remodel 

Sharing a closet can be tricky, especially when you’re sharing a space for two. That’s why it’s important to make the most of every square inch. See how Stephanie with Casa Watkins Living* used our 8-Foot Traditional and 10-Foot Extra Hanging closet systems to maximize her space.

Entrance to overstuffed walk-in closet

Before, Stephanie and her husband shared a dark, cramped closet space with minimal storage options. 

Bright walk-in closet with chandelier    Closet organizer with luggage, shirts, and shoes on display  

And after? A gorgeous, modern boho closet! New flooring, new lighting and two Closets by Liberty™ systems make this his and hers closet remodel truly unbelievable. The space feels much lighter and more open, while the shelves and drawers add additional storage capabilities that were lacking before.

Jessie’s DIY Reach-In Closet Remodel 

No walk-in? No problem! Our closet organizers can transform a reach-in just as well. Jessie Ecker of Eye in the Detail* used two of our 4-Foot systems to give her closet new life.

Sliding closet doors open to reveal overstuffed closet  Empty reach-in closet

Before, Jessie had a standard reach-in closet with wire shelving and plenty of hanging space. However, it was flimsy and overcrowded. It was time for an upgrade.

Reach in closet
Reach-in closet organizer with clothing, shoes, and accessories

With two 4-Foot organizers, some peel and stick wallpaper, and paint, Jessie’s closet looks like a completely different space. We adore the way the white organizers pop against the backdrop and door frame, proving you can go door-less when you have a clutter-free closet!

*Our influencer partners were compensated for their participation but reviewed the product genuinely based on its use.

What Will Your Before & After Look Like?

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