How To Transition Your Closet From Summer To Fall

Posted: May 19, 2023
5 min. read
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Dropping temperatures mean fall is here. It’s time to store your out-of-season clothes. While some of us will be sad to see summer’s sundresses, sandals, linen blazers, and shorts get packed away, others will gladly welcome the shift to warm coats, sweaters, and boots!

Even the largest walk-in closets require some shift in its organization as summer changes to fall. You’ll want your most used, seasonally appropriate clothing front and center. 

More likely, you have a smaller space that could benefit from the flexibility to store away warm-weather clothes until next year and reorganize for bulkier cold-weather items. 

No matter your closet size, Closets by Liberty™ has you covered! Follow these steps for making the most of your closet as seasons change.

Prepare Your Summer Clothes For Storage

First, you’ll need to sort through your summer clothes and create space for your fall wardrobe.

Reassess what you wore this season.

Maybe everything shouldn’t be stored away. Before you start packing, assess each summer item, and be honest about how much use it got. 

If it wasn’t worn this season and is still in good shape, give it away or donate it. There’s no need to store clothes you won’t be excited to unpack and wear in the spring.

This is also a good time to review your clothes for holes and stains. If an item has seen better days, toss it.

Wash everything before storing it.

It’s a good rule of thumb to make sure all of your clothes are in perfect condition before you store them away for the winter ahead. Even if you assume its clean, hidden sweat, sunscreen, and pollen can all create stains that settle and become hard to remove in the spring.

This is the perfect time to complete tasks you may have avoided this summer, like handwashing delicate items and taking a load of formal wear to the dry cleaners. You’ll be glad to unpack clothes that look and smell amazing and are ready to wear immediately!

Avoid plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

Although it may seem quick and easy to store your summer clothes in plastic bags and cardboard boxes, these choices will ruin your clothes in the long run. Neither will adequately protect your items from insects, dust, and moisture. Invest in plastic storage bins that come with a secure, airtight lid.

Once filled, it’s best to keep these boxes out of direct sunlight to avoid any color fading. Luckily, Closets by Liberty™ systems feature a solid top shelf that spans the entire length of the system. This is the perfect spot to store these boxes so they stay out of the sun, cool, and dry. Plus, they’ll be right within reach come springtime! 

Bring Out Your Fall Wardrobe

Now that you have room for your fall items, it’s time to decide how to best organize your wardrobe.

Place knits in drawers or on shelves.

It’s tempting to replace the dresses, skirts, and summer shirts on your hanging rods with your fall sweater collection. However, it’s better to fold delicate knits to avoid stretching in the neck and shoulder areas. 

After folding your sweaters, sort them into stacks based on style or color and place them on shelves or into drawers. 
Closets by Liberty™ offers a variety of storage accessories that can be purchased separately and added to your system. Choose from shallow drawers, deep drawers, and shelves to customize your closet to fit your needs.

Hanging rods are great for pants and coats.

To keep your pants wrinkle-free, fold them lengthwise, then fold them over a hanger. This is a great use of hanging space. You’ll also want to hang bulky winter coats and other lightweight fall jackets that won’t lose their shape.

With a Closets by Liberty™ system, you can easily adjust the hanging rods to any height along the towers. That ensures no wasted space between sections. For example, allow for more vertical space for long trench coats.

You can even remove the hanging rods if you decide you need less hanging space.

Hat and belt on shelf of Closet by Liberty system

Don’t forget about your fall accessories.

You’ll need a place for hats, scarves, and gloves. Shallow drawers are a great way to store your fall accessories. While they may have held bathing suits and sunglasses this summer, be sure to swap these for easy access.

Enjoy Flexible Storage Each Season

Treat yourself to a new and improved closet this fall!

Closets by Liberty™ systems are designed to change with you from season to season. Find the perfect system for your space today and explore additional storage accessories for a completely customized organizer.

Start shopping now.