How To Organize A Man’s Closet In 10 Steps

Posted: May 19, 2023
5 min. read
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A well thought out man’s closet keeps clothes organized, easy to find, and in good shape so they last for years to come. To pull this off, you need to find the right closet system that features a mix of hanging space, shelving, and drawers that you can customize and adapt over time.

Closets by Liberty™ is here to make this daunting task simple. Invest in a high-quality storage system, then follow these 10 steps for organizing a man’s closet.

1. Store folded sweaters on shelves.

An easy place to start is with your sweaters. Take all of your sweaters out of your closet and fold them strategically. You’ll want to stack the neatly folded sweaters on shelves in your closet. Depending on the size of your collection, you may need one shelf or multiple shelves. 

While hangers can stretch your sweaters, this method will help them retain their shape and allow you to quickly browse your options.

2. Use drawers for shirts and casual clothes.

Next, sort your casual clothing like athleisure and t-shirts. These items don’t need to hang either. Unlike sweaters, they won’t pull or stretch, but because of their casual nature, they don’t need to be displayed. 

Fold these items and store them in drawers. If you have a lot of items, consider breaking them into smaller categories like athletic shorts versus shirts.

placing folded shirt in a drawer

3. Add extra hanging rods.

Because men typically don’t need full-length hanging sections for items like long formal dresses, men’s closets can maximize vertical space by hanging double rods

Install the top hanging rod at the top of your closet system, then install the second hanging rod below the longest item hanging on the top rod. This will likely be about halfway down the system. Now you can fit double the items in the same amount of space!

4. Hang men’s dress shirts on the top rods.

Collect your dress shirts and place them on the top rod. Consider sorting by color to make it easy to find exactly the shirt you want. 

Use the same type of hanger to keep this section tidy, allowing you to fit more shirts on the rod and stack them neatly.

shirts hanging on rod

5. Hang men’s pants on the bottom rods.

Gather your pants and place them on the bottom rod. This allows you to visualize quickly which pants will go with the tops above.

To keep your pants wrinkle-free, fold the pants lengthwise then fold them over the hanger. You can store both dress pants and more casual pants like jeans in this way.

pants hanging on rod

6. Keep your shoes organized.

Depending on the size of your shoe collection, you can store dress shoes, tennis shoes, and boots on bottom shelves, along the floor of the closet, or on a pull out shoe rack. The key here is keeping the pairs together and out of the way.

placing shoes on a shelf

7. Separate seasonal clothing items.

Identify items that you don’t regularly wear, whether they are for a different season or a specific activity. These articles can be placed higher up in the closet. Consider placing them in a bin on a top shelf until you need them. Read our blog to learn how you can transition your closet through the seasons.

8. Add specialized storage for small accessories.

Do you have a collection of watches, sunglasses, cufflinks, and wallets that get tossed into a bedside table? Create a home for these accessories in your closet. Either place a dish on a shelf or use a shallow drawer to store. This way you know exactly where to find them!

watch and cuff links

9. Sort ties for easy access.

Special storage accessories like tie hangers are available if you want to store your ties in a hanging section of the closet. Another option is to roll your ties and place them in a drawer

Either way, consider sorting by solid versus pattern or organizing by color so you can quickly find a tie that suits your look.

rolled ties

10. Utilize the one year rule.

If you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s time to donate it to someone in need. This will ensure the item is being used and will help clear out your clutter! It also makes room for new items that fit the latest trends.

Use a Closets by Liberty™ System

Closets by Liberty™ systems are based on the experiences of real homeowners and designed to be a simple solution to real solution problems. The high-quality systems include everything you need to get organized, making it easy to follow these 10 steps.

All you have to do is select your system! Our 3- to 11-foot systems offer a wide variety of storage options to meet your unique needs. Choose from options with more shelves or more hanging space, and customize the number of drawers based on your items.

Shop systems now to get started.

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