How to Design Your Modern Farmhouse Closet

Posted: May 22, 2023
3 min. read
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If your home aesthetic is already modern farmhouse or you’re trying to infuse more of this trendy style into your life, you’ll love these modern farmhouse closet ideas.

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Sliding Barn Doors

Installing farmhouse doors for your closet is one of the quickest ways to add a touch of rustic style. In addition to looking beautiful, sliding barn doors are a great way to save space. Available in a variety of styles and colors—although you can always paint them to match your style—farmhouse doors are easy to install and make a big visual impact.

Natural Accents

White closet system with neutral accessories and decor

Since modern farmhouse style is all about combining sleek and rustic elements, try adding natural elements like wood shelving and wicker baskets. Some of our favorite rustic closet shelving and storage ideas:

  • Small wall shelves to display decorative items or accessories
  • Built-in shelving to store shoes, denim and handbags
  • Wooden organizers to fill oddly-sized spaces and customize your storage
  • Wicker baskets to hold small accessories like scarves or belts

Pair your natural organizational accessories with black accents or hardware for that perfect modern farmhouse look.

Full Length Mirror

What’s a closet without a full-length mirror? Ditch the plain Jane mirror for one with a wide wooden frame with a white wash or rustic wooden stain. Many modern farmhouse mirrors are simply propped up in a corner or against the wall, but you can pick a stand or mount it to your wall for extra security.

Rustic Armoire

Large armoires or wardrobes are a staple of rustic decor. Adding one to your closet is a great way to add modern farmhouse style with extra functionality. You can find real vintage armoires at thrift stores or online marketplaces and customize them with a new stain or coat of paint. If you’re not the DIY type, visit your local furniture store to find a perfectly rustic-looking new piece.

Farmhouse Color Scheme

Like most decor aesthetics, modern farmhouse style has a definite color scheme. Soft white is a great choice for a main color, and allows the darker accents characteristic of modern farmhouse homes to really pop. Here are some of our favorite paint colors for a farmhouse look:

  • Navy
  • Black
  • Blue-gray
  • Greige (a mix of gray and beige)
  • Olive green

Dark colors like black and navy are ideal for small accents like hardware, window trim or pillows. Try pairing our white shelving or organizers with Liberty Hardware matte black knobs and pulls for the perfect modern farmhouse look.

Lighter colors like greige, green and blue-gray are great for accent walls, art and larger accessories like lamps and furniture.

Transform Your Closet

Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to get started on a project. Shop our customizable closet systems and start creating your modern farmhouse closet.