How To Choose The Right Closet Organizer For Your Space

Posted: May 19, 2023
5 min. read
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Once you’ve cleaned and prepped your closet space, it’s time to decide which Closets by Liberty™ closet organizer is right for you. You’ll take three things into consideration when selecting your system.

  1. Closet Size
  2. Storage Habits
  3. Desired Customization

Let’s review each step before you place your order. The result will be a closet organization system that matches your unique lifestyle!

Step 1: Confirm your closet size.

Taking accurate measurements of your closet is key to ensuring you purchase the right system. Now that you have completed step one and completely emptied your closet, this is simple to do! 

measuring a closet

Unlike many other closet organizers that require heavy lifting and hanging, the Closets by Liberty™ system is designed for easy installation. 

The anti-tip brackets located on the back of the system will sit 1” off the wall to account for the baseboard. However, the vertical framing on the left and right sides do not account for baseboards. To ensure the greatest accuracy, measure from baseboard to baseboard rather than wall to wall. You may find that your baseboards shorten the width of your closet. These can always be removed to allow your system more space.

Once you’ve established the width of your closet in inches, reference the measurements found on each product page. You can choose from 3- to 11-foot systems.

Step 2: Assess your storage habits and needs.

If you have the room for a small, medium or large system, you’ll notice you can choose between a few different configurations. These sizes feature options for extra-hanging, extra-shelving, and spannable shelving.

Assessing the gaps in your current storage and the needs you have for the future will help you choose a configuration. 

If you are looking to store a lot of dresses, blazers, and button-downs, we recommend the extra-hanging systems. These will come with more hanging space than our traditional systems.

system with extra hanging
10-Foot Extra Hanging System

Do you fold a majority of your clothes like sweaters and jeans? The extra-shelving system could be a better fit! These will come with more shelves for stacking folded items than our traditional systems.

system with extra shelving
10-Foot Extra Shelving System

If you have several long coats or full-length dresses, you might prefer the spannable shelf, which allows for uninterrupted hanging space. Then utilize the floor space for shoe storage or laundry hampers.

system with spannable shelf
8-Foot Spannable Shelf System

Step 3: Consider additional customization.

After selecting the system that fits your space and your needs, browse our storage accessories. Any system can be further customized with shallow and deep drawers, hanging rods, and shelves. 

If you already know you’d like additional shelves, for example, you can purchase these along with your system. Or live with your system for a bit, assess your needs, and buy extra accessories later on! Don’t forget that you can move storage accessories up and down within each tower, as well as left and right between towers to best fit your needs.

woman adjusting shelf height

For homeowners with a walk-in closet, consider your closet configuration. Depending on how large the space is, you may want more than one system. You can completely customize your space and create the look of built-ins by placing multiple systems in your walk-in closet. Imagine a system along the left wall, another along the right wall, and a full-length mirror on the back wall. There are many ways to create a luxe master closet with a little creativity!

What’s Next?

So, you’ve followed these 3 steps for selecting your closet system. Now it’s time to bring your new closet to life. In part three, we’re offering tips and tricks for the assembly and installation process.

If you have additional questions about choosing the right Closets by Liberty™ system, review our FAQs or contact our Customer Care team.

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