How to Accurately Measure Your Closet

Posted: May 22, 2023
4 min. read
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Planning to add organizers to your closet? Save yourself time, stress, and money by ensuring you have the correct closet measurements before purchasing any interior organizers. This is particularly important for custom wood systems that may require cutting down to size. 

It’s worth noting that depending on what kind of closet system you’re installing, you have some flexibility within the measurements you take. For a system that will be installed wall to wall, measurements must be exact, down to the quarter or half inch. For floating systems, or those installed against one wall, you have some leeway—focus instead on whole measurements, rather than fractions.

What Are Standard Closet Depths?

Before measuring your closet, it helps to have an understanding of standard measurements. It’s rare to find a perfectly square closet that fits standard measurements, so focus instead on those that matter for what you’ll be storing inside your closet. Here are some closet measurement guidelines:

  • If you plan to store clothes, make sure you have a minimum closet depth of at least 24 inches deep to prevent hanging clothes from touching the back wall.
  • If you’re installing an organizer with double-hanging rods, remember that they require a closet height of at least 84 inches to prevent overlap.
  • Keep from overstuffing your shelves by spacing shoe shelves 6-7 inches apart, and clothes shelves 12 inches apart. 
  • Be aware that Items of clothing take up varying amounts of space when hung; pants and skirts typically require about 1.25 inches apiece, while jackets require 2 or more inches.

Steps For Determining An Accurate Closet Measurement

With the above closet dimensions you’ll need in mind, measure your closet to determine how closely the height, depth and width of the closet align with your goal measurements. Here’s how:

Measure the Width of the Wall

Measuring Closet Wall

Take width measurements of the wall you plan to install your closet system on at three points: high on the wall, the middle of the wall, and low on the wall (above the baseboard). Record the smallest of these three measurements as your width.

Measure From Floor to Ceiling

Floor to ceiling closet measurement

As mentioned previously, the top of your closet should be at least 84 inches from the ground—you can always expand this if you have higher ceilings.

Determine the Space Needed for Closet Drawers to Open

Closet depth measurement

Measure the depth of the right and left walls of your closet to ensure that any closet drawers can open fully without meeting your closet entry walls or doors.

Avoid Measurement Obstacles

In-closet obstacles can impact your measurements. Be mindful of light switches, sockets, baseboards, air vents, light fixtures and any other features that may affect accuracy.

Measurements and Dimensions of Closets By Liberty™ Systems

4-foot closet system

At Closets by Liberty™, we offer a range of closet systems designed to maximize your closet. After taking your measurements using these tips and tricks, browse through our product offerings to find the customizable, flexible storage option that best fits your space. 

Increase storage in small closets with 3-5 foot systems, tailor your system size with adjustable extensions or lean into luxury with our master closet systems from 9-11 feet. Don’t forget, you can mix and match multiple systems to fit along walls of different sizes, utilizing every inch of space.
With no need to cut down system pieces, it takes just a few tools to assemble your closet system. Closets by Liberty™ systems can be installed by one person in one afternoon. Customize your closet today!