Expand Your Reach-In Closet Space Without Remodeling

Posted: May 19, 2023
5 min. read
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If you live in a small apartment or older home, you know that primary bedrooms don’t always come with a luxurious walk-in closet. Instead, you often find small to medium size reach-in closets. 

So how do you upgrade your existing space to create the glamorous yet functional primary closet of your dreams? 

Add storage, style, and flexibility with a high-quality closet organizer from Closets by Liberty™. You’ll give your closet a stunning makeover without lifting a hammer or breaking the bank.

We live in an older home and our closets are limited in their size. This product helped to organize and optimize the space we do have.
Jennifer Z.

Upgrade Your Reach-In Without Construction

Avoid renovating your closet and subtracting square footage from the bedroom by installing a closet organizer into your existing reach-in closet. By adding drawers, shelves, and hanging rods, you’ll maximize every inch of space without actually expanding the closet.

Measuring 69” wide and 16-¾” deep, the Closets by Liberty™ 6-Foot Traditional system is a great choice for small bedroom closets. Simply measure your closet from baseboard to baseboard to confirm this is the right size for your space. Browse our other sizes if needed.

woman adjusting clothes in closet
The 6-Foot Traditional in a small primary bedroom closet.

During the installation process, you will build the three-tower system one at a time, allowing you to easily maneuver the frame through tight closet doors. There is no need to hire a handyman, cut pieces to fit your space, or make another trip to the hardware store. The whole process takes just one afternoon.

Easily Create A Beautiful Focal Point

Get the designer look you often see in primary walk-ins without the designer price tag! Once installed, the system gives your reach-in closet the look of custom built-ins. You’ll love the classic white finish, molding details, and satin hardware.

woman opening drawer in closet
Stunning details give this system a custom built-in look.

While many built-ins are constructed from wood, the 6-Foot Traditional system is made from high-strength aluminum that prevents warping and bending and boosts durability.

We bought a house built in the 1950’s so the primary closet size was not what we were accustomed to. We decided to build a new closet with the Closets by Liberty system as the focal point. I am on the advanced end of DIY, but this closet system is super easy for any level to install.
Rob S.

Reinvent The Space With Storage Accessories

Large walk-in closets don’t require many changes from season to season because you have the space to display all of your clothing year-round. When it comes to smaller reach-ins, you have to be more strategic.

The 6-Foot Traditional system allows you to completely reimagine your closet with each season. The drawers, shelves, and hanging rods can be moved to any tower and adjusted to any height.

  • Raise hanging rods in the winter to accommodate longer coats. 
  • Add drawers in the fall for sweater storage.
  • Adjust shelves to neatly display summer hats and beach bags.

You can even store boxes of clothes up and out of reach at the top of the system, then bring then down to hang or fold when the season is right.

woman adjusting shelf height
Easily adjust your storage accessories and snap into place.

The 6-Foot Traditional system comes with 11 shelves, 3 deep drawers, and 3 hanging rods that can be arranged however you like. Plus, additional storage accessories like shallow drawers are available online and can be purchased to supplement your unique organizational needs.

You may even find that adding drawers allows you to ditch other bulky furniture like dressers, further expanding small bedrooms.

My husband and I live in a pretty small apartment. With the use of this custom closet, we were able to get rid of one of our dressers and create more room in our bedroom! We are very happy with this closet.

Your closet doesn’t have to be a walk-in to be the dreamy space your primary bedroom deserves! Transform your reach-in closet with the help of the 6-Foot Traditional system.

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