Design Ideas For 4-Foot Reach-In Closets

Posted: May 19, 2023
6 min. read
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Throughout our homes, we have small spaces that need to pack a big storage punch. Four-foot reach-in closets appear in bedrooms as clothes closets, in hallways and bathrooms as linen closets, and in kitchens as pantries.   

Closets by Liberty™ 4-foot closet systems offer the flexibility to truly maximize the small closets in your home. 

In this post, we’re providing design ideas for 4-foot reach-in closets and general tips for small closet storage. We’ll also explain how to measure for a new organization system.

How do I maximize a small bedroom closet?

Personalization is the key to maximizing a small bedroom closet. You need to make this tight space work for your unique wardrobe. The first step is assessing the types of clothes you want to store.  

If you have a mix of hanging items like dresses, blouses, and blazers, plus folded items like sweaters and jeans, then the 4-Foot Traditional system would be a great fit. You’ll enjoy a variety of hanging rods, shelves, and drawers that you can configure any way you’d like.

traditional closet system
The 4-Foot Traditional System

If a majority of your items need to be hung, then don’t waste precious closet space with drawers. Our 4-Foot Extra Hanging system swaps out drawer space for an additional hanging rod. You may find that a dresser outside of the closet is a better way to store folded items like sweaters, athleisure, and t-shirts.

extra hanging system
The 4-Foot Extra Hanging System

If you have a large shoe collection, you may prefer the 4-Foot Extra Shelving system that allows you to store shoes, bags, and other items along the bottom half of your closet. You’ll still enjoy two hanging sections at the top of the closet.

extra shelving system
The 4-Foot Extra Shelving System

Whichever you choose, the limited space will be tailored to best fit your needs. And as your needs change, all Closets by Liberty™ storage accessories are adjustable. Simply move shelves, drawers, and hanging bars up or down to any height. The easy-to-use bracket system means you have endless possibilities! You can even move storage accessories left and right between towers.

Pro tip: There is no wall or paneling in the middle of the system that separates the two towers. That means you can easily slide items between towers and make room for oddly shaped items, taking advantage of every inch.

How do you organize a small linen closet?

Unlike small bedroom closets, linen closets don’t require the same amount of hanging space. Pretty much everything that is stored in a linen closet will be folded, stacked, or stored in bins. That’s why our 4-Foot Linen system exclusively features shelving for best storage practices. 

Sort by bath towels, bed linens, beach blankets, and beyond, then fold and place each category on its own shelf. Items like toilet paper and paper towels can also be stored in neat rows on a shelf.

Instead of drawers that prevent you from seeing items at a glance, use small bins to stored oddly shaped or small items like extra toothbrushes, shampoo, and cleaning supplies.

The 4-Foot Linen System
The 4-Foot Linen System

How do you best utilize a small pantry?

Similar to linen closets, pantries don’t need hanging rods or drawers. Our 4-Foot Pantry system features open shelving for quickly browsing and selecting your food supplies.

To get organized, sort by type. You can create a shelf for canned items, spices, baking items, pasta, and more. Some products may do well in stylish mason jars or glass jars.

Don’t forget that you can quickly adjust the height of the shelves in a Closets by Liberty™ system. Depending on the amount of space needed, you may want to raise or lower shelves. For example, large glass jars may require more space between shelves while spices require only a few inches. With brackets located every 4.5” inches, you have the freedom to truly customize your pantry.

If you need some inspiration, see Sincerely Sara D’s before and after pantry makeover to learn how you can refresh your space.

fully stocked 4 ft pantry system
The 4-Foot Pantry System

How do I measure my small closet for an organization system?

To confirm that a 4-Foot Closets by Liberty™ system is right for your small closet you’ll need to measure the width, height, and depth of your space. Our 4-Foot systems are 46.5″ wide x 16-3/4″ deep x 84″ tall.

Note: While 4 feet wide is equal to 48” inches wide, our 4-foot systems are technically 46.5” wide. This allows for 1.5” of extra space (.75” of extra space on either side of the system).

dimensions of system

For accuracy, be sure to measure from baseboard to baseboard rather than wall to wall.

If your closet is wider than 48”, you may have space for a larger system. The next size up is the 6-ft system which adds another two-foot tower, for a width of 69”.

Organize your small closet today!

Shop our 4-foot systems to find the perfect storage solution for your small bedroom closet, linen closet, or pantry. You can even shop additional storage accessories that fit seamlessly with our 4-foot systems to create a fully customized organization system.

If you have additional questions about how these systems will work in your home, contact our Customer Care team.

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