Customize Your Primary Walk-In With An 8-Foot Closet System

Posted: May 19, 2023
5 min. read
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Searching for inspiration to pull off a primary walk-in closet makeover? Look no further. Kelly Hartley just redesigned her primary walk-in closet using our 8-Foot Traditional closet systems – and she’s stirring up major closet envy

Every aspect of her new closet is designed to be custom and to reflect her specific needs. You can do the same, achieving a look that’s unique to you, in these 5 steps.

Step 1: Personalize your space with color.

Kelly added beadboard to the back wall of her closet and applied a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into her space. Adding color is a simple way to extend the interior design of your bedroom into your primary closet.

You’ll also love how our crisp, white 8-foot closet systems really pop against a background hue.

painted closet walls
Photo by Kelly Hartley

Step 2: Adjust hanging rods and shelves to any height.

Using our 8-Foot Traditional closet system, Kelly was able to completely customize the placement of her shelves and hanging rods. 

While hanging rods are fixed at the top of other closet organizers, Closets by Liberty™ systems allow you to move your hanging rods every 4.5” along the vertical towers to find the perfect height. 

We love how Kelly lowered her hanging rods to create bonus shelving space for seasonal sweaters above her hanging shirts and dresses. It also makes it easier to reach those hanging items!

adjustable hanging rods
Photo by Kelly Hartley

Note: If you hang a majority of the clothes in your closet, the 8-Foot Spannable, Extra Hanging or 8-Foot Spannable, Extra Shelving closet system could be right for you. These systems feature a hanging rod that spans two towers for bonus hanging space.

Step 3: Spread out the drawers across the towers.

The 8-Foot Traditional closet system comes with three drawers that can be placed in any of the system’s four towers. Kelly chose to place two drawers in one tower and one drawer in another. You have the flexibility to arrange them exactly how you’d like – and rearrange them over time!

adjustable closet drawers
Photo by Kelly Hartley

Closets by Liberty™ also offers shallow drawers that can be purchased separately and added to any system. These are perfect for storing small accessories, from ties to jewelry.

Step 4: Store shoe collections of any size.

Whether you have a large or small shoe collection, there’s a spot to store them in our 8-foot closet system. 

Line sandals and smaller shoes along the floor and bottom shelf, then adjust additional shelving to expand your shoe storage. It’s simple to raise and lower shelves to accommodate the height of heels and boots.

If you don’t have a robust shoe collection, reclaim these shelves for purses, luggage, and other items.

You can also add a pull out shoe rack to efficiently stack your shoes for easy access.

walk-in closet shoe storage
Photo by Kelly Hartley

Step 5: Create your own design with multiple systems.

Continue personalizing your space by adding more than one system. In 8-foot walk-in closets, you can easily install a system on each side wall, then create a focal point on the back wall with a full-length mirror piece of art. In large closets, you may even be able to fit three systems.

Kelly added a second system on the right side of her primary walk-in closet for her husband. This creates a distinct space for each of them to personalize. Men’s closets may need more hanging space for dress shirts and suits.

men's closet organization
Photo by Kelly Hartley

For more details on how Kelly’s closet came to life (and to see the amazing before and after) head to her blog.

Hear From Our Customers

This 8-foot Closets By Liberty system transformed our primary closet! We have a fairly large closet – and it had built-in shelving when we moved in 4 years ago. We’ve made do, but always felt that the use of space was very sub-par. Honestly, the thought of trying to update/upgrade things was daunting. Cue the amazing Closets By Liberty system!

Not only was it insanely easy to put together (like, REALLY easy, only took two hours or so from unboxing to finish), but it is so easy to rearrange whenever you’d like.
I really love the added space at the top so we could organize all of our seasonal shoes. I am SHOCKED at the before and after pictures.

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