Customize Your Closet With These 2021 Color Trends

Posted: May 22, 2023
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For those who usually play it safe with neutrals, closets are a fun place to add a splash of color and truly make a statement. Featuring 21 neutrals, soft pastels, and bold hues to elevate your storage space, the BEHR® Color Trends 2021 Palette gives you the inspiration you need to expand your comfort zone.

Our 6 favorite hues from the palette can be mixed with various interior styles to add an element of whimsy and a surprise pop of color to the bright white towers of our closet systems. Explore how you can introduce these inspiring shades into your closet space.

Cool Color Trends for Closets

Bring calmness, relaxation, and reflection to your closet space with Wishful Green and Caribe.

Closet mood board with cool colors

Wishful Green

Nostalgic and fresh, this tinted pastel belongs to the Subtle Focus Color Palette. The soft hue feels sophisticated and inviting, creating a mood that is effortlessly serene. Delicate pastels like Wishful Green can add a note of playfulness on closet walls and in the décor.


A medium-dark shade of cyan, Caribe is engaging and steady. The deeply saturated hue encourages a calm, reflective mood associated with blue while introducing glamor and luxury into the room. When paired with a matte white closet system for high contrast, the deep teal shade adds a dramatic backdrop in your walk-in closet for your clothes to take center stage.

Warm Color Trends For Closets

Energize the mood of your space with the eclectic and global decor styles of the Optimistic View Color Palette.

Closet mood board with warm colors

Saffron Strands

Fiery and festive, this burnt orange shade makes an energizing closet wall color. The warm hue conveys comfort and self-care, creating a cozy and inspiring backdrop for bohemian accessories and vintage accents.

Maple Glaze

The earth tone of Maple Glaze makes this rustic brown hue a hopeful and welcoming shade. Lending an almost rugged vibe, the deep hue is all about sophistication and global influence. A patterned area rug in this color scheme adds a colorful anchor piece in your walk-in closet that’s functional and stylish.

Kalahari Sunset

Kalahari Sunset is a bold, playful choice that is typical of a global decor style. This ravishing red-orange is rich and expressive, injecting fun and whimsy into your closet space while conveying comfort and warmth.

Euphoria Magenta

Gracious and creative, dark purples like Euphoric Magenta lend sophistication and regalness to your walk-in closet. Whether you decide to blanket the room with color or use it as accents, this beautiful jeweled hue pairs beautifully with both striking and muted shades to create a stately color palette.

Incorporate 2021 Color Trends Into Your Closet

Inspired by these trending colors to refresh your closet’s look? Transform your closet from an ordinary space to a stylish, refreshing area with a color scheme that reflects your personality.

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