Creative Ways to Utilize Your Closet Space

Posted: May 22, 2023
4 min. read
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Upgrading your space doesn’t have to break your budget, especially if you can creatively repurpose your closet space to better suit a room’s function. With some adjustments, you can transform a simple storage system into something more dynamic. Read on for inspiration! 

Game Room Storage Space

Game Room Storage Space

Proudly display your gaming enthusiasm with a system that helps keep your board games, video game consoles and more organized—and looks good doing it! Upgrade your game room storage from a cramped closet to a sleek shelving unit that showcases your passion for a good old-fashioned game night, LEGO® construction project or virtual battle royale. Incorporate varying shelf heights to allow for styled stacking, and add tasteful baskets to stash game discs or connector cords. Place family games down low for easy access, and keep expensive consoles up high to better protect them.  

Mudroom Addition

Mudroom storage space

Create an at-home way station by introducing a storage system into your mudroom. Gone are the days of missing keys, scattered shoes thrown off at the door or a last minute hunt for a phone charger—installing a closet system at your home’s most traveled point of entry or exit provides a hub for all your on-the-go accessories. 
Choose a system that combines hanging rods, shelves and drawers for maximum storage and functionality in a small mudroom space. Keep small items like masks and sunglasses arranged neatly in roll-out drawers. Hang coats above shoe shelves for a quick outfit selection. You can even create an organized charging station for all your devices, ready to grab as you head out the door! 

Craft Room Organizer

Craft room organizer system

Makers and creators know that supplies can become disorganized quickly, especially after a burst of inspired crafting. Transform your cluttered craft room with a closet space designed to keep your collection of beads, thread, ribbon, paper and more in order and at hand. Stow tools like scissors and hole-punches in drawers, and use closet system rods to hang your in-progress creations. Store your sewing machine on a spacious shelf, and keep scrap paper in a basket on another. With an organized stockpile, you’re sure to have a clearer mind for creating.

Office Bookshelf

Office bookshelf system
Photo courtesy of @brownskinbeautiful

Short on clothes but bursting with books and office supplies? Turn your office closet into a bookshelf! Upgrade your home office by utilizing your closet space for book stacks, art displays and document organizers, leaving your desk clear for the workday. Show off your vintage encyclopedia collection atop roomy shelves, and incorporate small potted plants and candles for a touch of coziness. With a transformed closet space in your home office, you can be productive in more stylish surroundings.

Do More With Your Closet Space With Closets By Liberty™

Ready to make the most of your home’s storage space with a customizable closet system? Whether you’re redesigning a 6-8 foot closet for your game room or incorporating additional hanging rods for craft room displays, you can find the system that fits your needs at Closets by Liberty™. Get creative with your closet space today with completely customizable systems as compact as 3 feet to as big as 11 feet!