Create a Modern Boho-Style His and Her Walk-In Closet

Posted: May 19, 2023
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If you and your spouse have battled over space in your shared walk-in closet, you’re not alone. Stephanie Watkins struggled with this storage woe too, making the best of her cramped and dark closet. This setting clashed with the global design style seen throughout the rest of her house and didn’t reflect her personality the way she wanted.

Ready for a major makeover, she transformed the small master bedroom closet she and her husband shared into a modern bohemian style his and her closet using our 8-Foot Traditional and 10-Foot Extra Hanging closet systems.

Like Stephanie, you can maximize every inch of your walk-in with a custom closet tailored to you and your partner’s unique needs. She’s created a beautiful closet that you can use as a lookbook to reimagine your space. We’re sharing the best of her tips and photos below, but be sure to visit her blog for even more closet ideas and inspiration.

Tip 1: Keep your business attire organized on sturdy hanging rods.

Stephanie tackled her husband’s side of the closet first. His wardrobe was full of heavy suits and wrinkle-prone business attire so he needed a system that would support the extra weight. Our 8-Foot Traditional closet system was up for the challenge, featuring sturdy hanging rods that were easily raised to allow for ample storage along the bottom for shoes, luggage, and more.

Her husband was thoroughly impressed. Stephanie admitted, “He loves this closet so much that he said he needed to buy a new wardrobe for it!”

Read Casa Watkins Living blog to learn more about how she customized her husband’s side to fit his wardrobe needs, including adding extra shelving for his treasured sneaker collection.

Men's closet photo gallery
Photo credit: @casawatkinsblog

Tip 2: Tailor the closet system to any height.

Whereas Stephanie’s husband preferred hanging rods at the top, shorter gals like her needed hanging space down below for easier access. Using our 10-Foot Extra Shelving closet system, Stephanie was able to move the hanging rod height to create two hanging spaces in one tower for blouses at the top and dress pants at the bottom.

She loved how effortless it was to reconfigure every rod, shelf, and draw, saying, “I adore that Closets by Liberty™ make it easy to customize the closet without the need for excessive disassembly of the closet.”

Stephanie continued to rearrange her side of the master walk-in closet so she could quickly see and retrieve what she needed. To learn more about how she did this, explore the blogger’s DIY hers closet reveal.

Women's closet photo gallery
Photo credit: @casawatkinsblog

Tip 3: Incorporate modern boho décor for a global look

Once they were happy with their new his and her walk-in closet, Stephanie elevated its look with some must-have boho décor. Splashes of gold accents, Persian-style runner, updated laminate flooring, and organic seating complemented the clean, white closet base to create bohemian vibes.

Stephanie was over the moon after adding these finishing touches. She expressed, “It’s been a dream to transform the closet after neglecting it for years.”

Read more about how she designed her dream closet with these globally-inspired accessories.

Modern boho-style walk-in closet photo gallery
Photo credit: @casawatkinsblog

Tip 4: Add extra storage to maximize closet space.

After the master closet was completed, Stephanie shared her favorite Closet by Liberty features. She absolutely loved the 24-inch shallow drawer, which helped her organize all her jewelry, and the 24-inch deep drawer, which allowed her to store her husband’s out of season clothes. The fact that they had beautiful shaker drawer pulls and soft-close drawer slides was icing on the cake.

She also praised the high-quality construction of the closet system, explaining, “The sleek and modern style of the closet gives the entire closet a refined and expensive look…Each piece coordinates with each other so you can easily add more shelving or drawers without it looking out of place.”

To learn more about each swoon-worthy closet feature, check out Casa Watkins Living blog.

Walk-in closet drawers photo gallery
Photo credit: @casawatkinsblog

Turn Inspiration Into Reality

Stephanie stirred up major closet envy, and you can too with a custom closet system that is customized to meet your needs.

Shop our closet systems today to transform your his and her walk-in. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!