Coat Closet Storage Systems: Tips, Considerations and Types

Posted: May 8, 2023
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Whether you have a dedicated coat closet or you’re using your mudroom, it’s important to know how to organize your coat closet. Proper organization can help you make the most of your storage space and ensure everyone finds what they need, when they need it.

Keep reading for coat closet organization ideas and tips. But before you start organizing your coat closet, it’s a good idea to prep the space. This gives you a nice, clean slate to work with and allows you to get rid of anything you don’t need anymore.

Types of Coat Closets

Coat closets are typically in your home’s entryway, foyer or hall. No matter where yours is or what you need to store in it, here are ideas for organizing your coat closets.

4-Foot Extra Shelving system
Foyer & Entry Closet Organization Ideas

The most common place for a coat closet is your entryway or foyer. These closets tend to be cramped, leaving room for just the essentials. A small closet organizer with extra hanging space instantly transforms the look of an entryway coat closet and gives you a framework for organization.

Get started by hanging your coats on streamlined hangers to maximize space. These hangers are slim but strong enough to hold the weight of heavy coats. Over-the-door pocket organizers can be used to organize hats, scarves, gloves and other cold-weather accessories for the entire family without taking up too much precious space.

hanging coats
How to Organize Your Hallway Closet

Hallway coat closets are typically bigger than those in your entryway, allowing you to store bulkier items like snow jackets and boots. Whether your hall closet is open or has doors to conceal what’s inside, we recommend choosing a medium organizer with plenty of hanging space along with open space at the bottom for shoe racks.

Use your streamlined hangers to hang coats, and organize accessories with baskets or hooks on the back of the door. Store shoes on shoe pegs, cubbies or a shoe rack. Pro tip: make cleaning easy with shelf liners in the cubby or shoe rack.

Collage of hanging jackets and accessories on shelves

Considerations for Coat Closet Organization

1. Choose your hangers carefully.

As we mentioned, streamlined hangers are ideal because they are slim but strong. Sturdy wood hangers are also a great option for heavy coats, while plastic hangers are typically fine for medium-weight coats and jackets. Avoid wire hangers, as they will likely bend under the weight.

2. Don’t store items in cardboard boxes.

We all have a few boxes from the last time we moved, and it’s tempting to store items in them long term. Unfortunately, cardboard boxes are vulnerable to moisture and pests, which can ruin what’s inside. Opt for plastic storage bins with lids or a trunk if you need to store off-season items somewhere other than a closet. These will protect your items from the elements.

3. A coat closet isn’t just for coats.

Despite the name, you may need to store more than coats and cold-weather accessories in your coat closet. Things like luggage, vacuum cleaners, linens and other household items can be tucked away, especially if your home is short on storage space. Keep these additional items in mind as you organize.

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