Cloffice: The New Trend of Combining Your Closet & Office Space

Posted: May 22, 2023
6 min. read
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Many of us have embraced working from home and would like to see it continue in the coming years, whether on a permanent or hybrid basis. Because remote work is here to stay, combining spaces to make them more versatile is more important than ever.

Enter: the cloffice. Part dressing room and part office, this closet and office combo is both pretty and practical.

If you’re short on space and don’t want to choose between a functional home office or reach-in or walk-in closet, you’ll want to keep reading!

What is a Cloffice?

A cloffice is a closet that doubles as an office, making it the ultimate work from home setup when space is tight. Our partner Sandra Morgan showed us how to create this trend with ease by converting her new dressing room into a closet-office combo using a Closets by Liberty™ 6-foot traditional system. Read Sandra’s blog to see her cloffice transformation come to life and find inspiration for when you make this happen in your own home.

How to Create Your Cloffice

Plan It Out

6-foot closet system in cloffice
Photo Credit: @sandramorganliving

The first step in creating your dream cloffice is figuring out how you’ll use your space. In doing so, you can determine what exactly you need to put in it. Many convert a small closet into their office, while others like Sandra have a closet big enough for an office space.

If you’re in the first category with limited space, you could create an office in the guest bedroom closet. Instead of dedicating an entire room for the occasional visitor, make the most out of your guest room by creating a stylish multifunctional space.

If you’re like Sandra with a spacious walk-in closet, you could put a desk against the back wall to create a more quiet, private working space that still feels homey and also place an organizer on an adjacent wall. Sandra chose to add our 6-ft closet system in her dressing room and office combination for quick and easy access to her capsule wardrobe. Closets by Liberty™ also offers 3- to 11-foot systems to help you find the perfect fit.

With all sorts of creative ways to design your cloffice within the space available, you can let your imagination run wild.

Organize the Essentials

After choosing the right size system, it’s on to organizing and customizing your cloffice with versatile storage. The best systems serve multiple purposes to help you save space while keeping things neat and tidy. For Sandra that was a Closet by Liberty system. She explains:

“I needed a closet system that came in various sizes for me to choose from, had the ability to add or remove shelves as I needed, and one that was very sturdy and would last me years. I found it all in this system.”

Our systems were designed to be easily installed by one person in as little as one afternoon, making your cloffice dream a reality sooner. Quickly add and rearrange the towers’ hanging rods, shelves and drawers exactly where you need them to organize your personal and work items in one convenient place.

Woman installs closet system using screwdriver
Photo Credit: @sandramorganliving

Hanging Rods

Need to quickly change before an important zoom meeting? Snag your favorite blazer off the hanger to look instantly more put together. Pro tip: customize a tower with two hanging rods at different heights so you can add tops and outerwear up top and tailored slacks underneath to avoid wrinkles.


Shelving isn’t just for folded clothes and accessories. You can also share the space with your favorite books. Pro tip: Adjust the shelf height to store books of different sizes on different levels to maximize your vertical space.


Everybody needs a catch-all drawer, and many need more than one. A shallow drawer is perfect for keeping jewelry or office supplies, while a deep drawer can store folded clothes or even act as a mini filing cabinet. Pro tip: Use separate drawers to store personal and work items so things are easier to find.

Add Your Personality

Desk and chair with full length mirror against wall in cloffice
Photo Credit: @sandramorganliving

Your newly designed cloffice isn’t complete without chic finishing touches. As a combined living and working space, this hybrid space should be inviting and inspire creativity and productivity. Infusing your personal style into the room is a great way to start.

Sandra Morgan elevated her cloffice with an artsy chandelier to provide ample illumination when she dresses and works. Because her space has hardwood flooring, she put down a white shag to bring a contemporary vibe.

Another way to level up your cloffice is to bring in multi-functional items such as a cozy armchair to work in or sit down in to put shoes on.

Make the most of your closet-office combo with bold and subtle details to dress up the space.

Create Your Cloffice Today

Combining your living and working spaces is quick and easy with a Closets by Liberty™ system. Offering multiple sizes and infinite customization, our systems make a beautiful and functional addition to your cloffice design. Shop our systems today to start the transformation.

For more closet-office combo inspiration, scroll through #cloffice on Instagram.