Benefits of Floor Based Closets Versus Wall Mounted Systems

Posted: May 22, 2023
4 min. read
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A great closet organizer can be customized to bring order to your closet and maximizes every inch of space. You can opt for a floor based system or wall mounted (also known as floating or suspended) organizer.

The major difference between the two is how they are installed. Floor mounted units sit on the floor and are attached to the wall using brackets, while wall mounted closets float above the ground and are attached with a steel rail to the wall studs.

In this blog, we’ll break down the benefits of a floor based closet system.

Durable with a Custom Built-in Look

Two white 8-foot closet systems in walk-in closet

When investing in your home, it’s important to know you’re choosing quality products that’ll last for years and make your home look magazine-worthy. Floor based organizers deliver both brawn and beauty.

Closet by Liberty™ crafts our floor based organizers of durable, high-strength aluminum framework and lightweight honeycomb shelves to achieve the look of a custom built-in without the luxury markup.

Closet System Flexibility

Woman adjusting closet shelf

Floor based systems are far more flexible and optimize storage because the system extends storage space all the way to the floor.

At Closets by Liberty™, our drawers, shelves, and hanging rods can be easily adjusted to any height or tower using moveable brackets for ultimate customization. This ensures your closet keeps up as your wardrobe needs change.

Easy Installation

Close up of woman using screw driver to assemble tower

Installation looks very different depending on the type of closet system. A floor based unit might be an easier DIY project.

A wall hung closet system generally starts with screwing a suspension rail to the studs in the wall then assembling the closet system on it.

On the other hand, floor standing systems can be assembled sitting on the ground then positioned in place and secured with the wall anchors. At Closets by Liberty™, we made it easier than ever to install our flexible systems. All it takes is a few household tools, a single afternoon, and yourself. With a few clicks, you can assemble the towers and move the storage accessories into place. To see the full DIY process, watch our installation video.

Added Safety

Kids playing dress up in walk-in closet
Photo credit: @HartleyHome

Wall mounted and floor standing closet systems support their weight differently, which can affect their strength and stability.

Floor based systems gain a structural advantage by resting sturdily on the ground. For extra safety, Closet by Liberty systems feature built-in, moveable brackets that anchor the unit to the wall to prevent tipping.

In fact, our partner Kelly Hartley, encourages her kids to play dress up in her closet as she knows “they’re doing it in style (and safely bc this system came with some heavy duty anti tip brackets👏).”

Deeper Shelving

Woman putting orange shirt in deep drawer

You can add more 24” Deep Drawers to your Closet By Liberty system to store bulky sweaters, folded pants, or other large items.

Plenty of Storage Options

Boxes and handbags stored on top of closet system

Both floor based closet systems and wall mounted units allow you to store out-of-season clothing and extra accessories on top and under your organizer. You can put away your less-used items while still keeping them within reach so every inch of your closet space is used wisely.

Winner: Floor Based Systems

Flexible, customizable, and extremely durable Closets by Liberty™ floor based systems make a beautiful addition to your closet.

Start investing in your home, and shop our 3- to 11-foot systems today!