Before and After Laundry Room Storage Makeover with The Handmade Home

Posted: May 22, 2023
4 min. read
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As far as chores go, laundry may be the most boring—but it doesn’t have to be done in a boring room.

Jamin and Ashley Mills of The Handmade Home, a full-service rehab, construction and design firm, prove that adding a stylish storage solution can transform your ordinary laundry room into a beautiful and organized space.

Discover how the Nashville couple helped their friends upgrade their small laundry room to accommodate a family of five using a 4-Foot Traditional system by Closets by Liberty™. You’ll be amazed by the before and after photos (and likely want to get the look for your own laundry room)!

Before: A Cramped Laundry Space

Washer in laundry room
Photo Credit: @thehandmadehome

The friends needed a laundry room that was equally functional and stylish. Not only did they need extra storage for their large family, but they also had to keep the area super tidy because of its open layout, which connected to the kitchen.

To achieve these goals, The Handmade Home trusted Closets by Liberty™. Our customizable systems provided the flexibility and style needed to turn their average laundry room into one to be envied.

After: A Functional, Efficient, and Chic Laundry Room

While the images alone could speak to the makeover’s success, here are a few reasons the home improvement duo adores Closets by Liberty™:


White closet system with hanging sweaters and wicker baskets
Photo Credit: @thehandmadehome

Designed to optimize your space, our systems help you organize all your belongings exactly the way you want. The Handmade Home explains how this level of personalization improved the functionality of their friends’ laundry room:

“[Closets by Liberty] systems are easily customizable, so we chose a combo of both drawers and shelving, racks and more, to diversify its usefulness for their space.”

Folded scarves in deep drawer
Photo Credit: @thehandmadehome

The duo further tailored the system with gold hardware for a polished look and added deep drawers for extra out-of-sight storage.


Coats and sweaters on hanging rods
Photo Credit: @thehandmadehome

On top of the customization, our systems allow you to easily add, remove and rearrange drawers, shelves, and rods among and between towers. The Homemade Home praises the system’s flexibility, saying:

“We also love that it’s rearrangeable in the future, for whatever needs that might arise. We’re always growing, changing and evolving as families. Sometimes it helps to be able to have a flexible system that can change as needed.”

Built-In Look

White closet system extra deep drawers and wicker baskets
Photo Credit: @thehandmadehome

Featuring a timeless design and a classic white finish, our closet systems create a luxurious, seamless appearance in your laundry room. “They have the look of built-ins for your closet space, without the heavy price tag,” says The Handmade Home.

One-Person Assembly

Laundry room with 4-Foot closet system
Photo Credit: @thehandmadehome

One of the best features of our systems is the fact that installation is so quick and easy. The couple was impressed that “the assembly is truly a one-person job.” You just need a few tools and one free afternoon to build it.

Your Turn to Revamp Your Laundry Room

If The Homemade Home’s laundry makeover has inspired you to transform your own, shop our 3- to 11-foot systems to get started today. We can’t wait to hear how your new system speeds up laundry day and keeps you more organized.