7 Reasons You’ll Love Closets By Liberty™: Hear From Lou Manfredini

Posted: May 19, 2023
6 min. read
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Lou Manfredini knows a good home improvement product when he sees one. As the seasoned host of HouseSmarts Radio, he offers expert advice for homeowners and the latest information on new products. 

It’s no surprise that after installing a Closets by Liberty™ system for his son, Lou was impressed.

Tara Brown, New Business Development Manager at Liberty Hardware, joined Lou on the air to discuss the reasons why homeowners are falling in love with their new Closets by Liberty™ systems. 

Here are the top 7 reasons you don’t want to miss!

1. Inspired by real homeowners and their storage pain points.

From the beginning, Closets by Liberty™ systems have centered around the consumer experience. The systems were designed to solve the storage challenges of real homeowners.  

Tara took Lou behind the scenes of the discovery process.

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“We started by going into people’s houses and talking to them about their closets to find what their real pain points were and what their needs were before we even started designing this closet.”

–Tara Brown

Whether you want to increase hanging space or ditch crowded shoe bins, you’ll find the features you’re looking for with our worry-free systems.

2. Systems ship with limited packaging.

As a home improvement expert, Lou sees how often products come shipped in excessive packaging. Closets by Liberty systems are different, he explained.

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“Some of this stuff comes with so much packaging it drives you crazy. [CBL is] concise and put-together. They have plastic wrappers on these towers. Super simple.”

–Lou Manfredini

Closets by Liberty™ systems ship straight to your door with just enough packaging to keep everything safe. The reduced packaging is environmentally conscious and you’ll find there is little that you can’t recycle.

The shipment is divided into multiple packages, so each box is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

3. Helpful installation resources.

Once the products have arrived at your door, it’s time to install. Lou points out that helpful installation resources are available for everyone, whether you prefer online videos or physical instruction manuals.

“You’re grasping with modern technology, the first thing you say is ‘go to YouTube and look at this video.’ And the video is really well done. I really liked that since I’m a little old-fashioned, you still gave me an instruction manual that came with the unit.”

–Lou Manfredini

Whichever you choose, you can reference back and forth for a smooth process.

4. Quick installation in just a few hours.

It takes just one person and one afternoon to assemble and install a Closets by Liberty™ system. For Lou, it took even less!

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“You said in an afternoon. The [6-foot system] took me a total of 2.5 hours, but part of that time I was taking out the old shelving.”

–Lou Manfredini

With a few hours of your time, you can completely transform the look and function of your closet space – then move on to your other activities!

5. High-strength aluminum meets designer details.

As Lou installed his system, he could really get a sense of the durability of the high-strength aluminum towers.

One major benefit of this material is that it resists bending and warping unlike other wire and wood frames. An added bonus? The beautiful design details built into the towers.

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“One of the great design details that they put into this system is that they designed it to look and feel like a built-in custom closet, so although the frame is made of aluminum for strength and safety, it’s got these really beautifully detailed channel molding to give it that really high-end feel.”

–Tara Brown

6. Organize by groupings to stay neat and tidy.

As Lou actually put items into the system, he realized the huge difference it makes to have customizable sections for hanging space, folded clothes, bags, and shoes.

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“When you have a place to put things you have a better chance of staying organized and that’s what your system allows people to do.”

–Lou Manfredini

The two-foot towers allow you to create separation between your groups and establish a home for every item. Then you can change these sections to better fit your needs over time by adjusting the height and placement of shelves, rods, and drawers.

7. Perfect for walk-in closets.

Lou also pointed out that these systems make a great choice for walk-in closets. Simply select two or three systems based on the size of your closet. 

Tara has envisioned this scenario and seen it come to life for homeowners.

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“You can put more than one [system] in a closet. So if you have a walk-in, for example, you could have a 4-foot on one wall and a 6-foot on the back wall, and a 4-foot on the other wall.”

–Tara Brown

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Want to hear more from Lou on why he loves his Closets by Liberty™ system? Listen to the full show here.

If you’re ready to transform your closet, start shopping our customizable closet systems now!