7 Pantry Organization Tips and Ideas for the Holidays

Posted: May 22, 2023
5 min. read
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The holidays are almost here! This is a great time for organizing your pantry shelves to make room in your kitchen for those delicious dinners and desserts. 

Between planning family time and choosing the best decorations for the season, you’ll be busy prepping your house. Organizing your pantry with our 4-Foot Linen & Pantry system will save you time in the long run and help you reduce stress. 

Need some ideas on organizing your pantry? We’re sharing tips to make your holidays as stress-free as possible.

1. Clear Out The Pantry

pantry shelf full of ingredients

Start by evaluating the food you currently have in your pantry. Still have food that you bought months ago and haven’t used yet? Don’t plan to use it in the near future? Clear out these items to create more space. 

Be sure to check the expiration dates. If the food isn’t expired, then make a donation pile for your local food pantry.

2. Install Our 4-Foot Linen & Pantry System

fully stocked 4 ft pantry system

Our fully customizable storage systems can be used in offices and craft rooms or fit snugly into reach-in and walk-in closets. Available in four different sizes, they accommodate spaces of all sizes.

Featuring two towers (each two feet wide) and eight moveable shelves, the 4-Foot Linen & Pantry system is designed specifically for small spaces like kitchen pantries and bathroom linen closets.

This system can be installed by one person in just one afternoon.

3. Customize Shelves for Better Storage

woman adjusting shelves

Flexible shelving is one of the best ways to organize your pantry. The  4-Foot Linen & Pantry system features movable shelves that you can adjust to any height using moveable brackets. You can change the position at any time if you think of a better idea later. 

Customize your shelves specifically for the holiday season! Dedicate a shelf to each holiday so you can easily locate your items, whether that’s baking ingredients or extra jars of gravy and cranberry sauce.

4. Combine Like Items

Glass containers filled with dry food

If you have multiple bags of one item, combine the like items into a jar or container. For example, if you have two boxes of the same pasta, condense them into one jar or air-tight container. Not only will this help you save space, but it will also make it easier to find the ingredient you’re looking for. 

If you find duplicate items in your pantry, consider whether or not you need both. If you don’t, then add the extra food to the donation pile and save some space.

5. Organize Canned Goods

Close up of canned goods

Finding random canned goods in your pantry often makes the space feel more cluttered. To optimize your pantry storage, organize your canned goods by placing them together on one shelf. That way, you can easily access them. No more sorting through random cans to find the right one.

6. Embrace Pull-Out Drawers

woman adjusting a moveable drawer

Having trouble organizing your spices? Pull-out drawers are a great space-saving alternative to spice cabinets. With any Closets by Liberty™ system, you can easily purchase additional drawers and install them at any time.

Quickly add our easy-to-assemble deep drawers or shallow drawers to your 4-Foot Linen Pantry. You can use the brackets to position the drawers at your desired height. This will save you shelf space and maximize your storage.

7. Utilize the Door for Storage

Colorful aprons hanging against purple wall

Door storage is another convenient idea for organizing your pantry. You can add hooks to your door with small storage racks that hang on the back. Door storage provides easy access to food or your apron while still allowing you to close the door when you need to.

8. Create a Unique Look with Wallpaper

Pantry with Closets by Liberty system and hanging pans

Decorating your pantry with wallpaper adds a pop of color for extra personality. Get inspired by the DIY pantry makeover with Sincerely Sara D and watch step-by-step how the home decor blogger streamlined her kitchen organization with our 4-foot Linen & Pantry system.

Create A Holiday-Ready Pantry with Closets by Liberty™

Ready to re-organize your pantry? Shop at Closets by Liberty™ today! We offer plenty of products for organizing your kitchen and creating the best storage just for you.

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