6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Posted: May 22, 2023
5 min. read
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Spring cleaning is all about giving yourself a fresh start. It’s a great time to catch up on those cleaning tasks you haven’t gotten around to and dive into decluttering your home.

You’ll want to pay extra attention to your closet as you switch out your winter wardrobe for spring outfits. Luckily, your Closets by Liberty™ system makes this transition easy. Simply rearrange the shelves, hanging rods, and drawers to meet your storage needs.

Reboot your closet organization this season. Here are six spring cleaning tips for your closet to get you started.

Tip 1: Store Seasonal Clothing High Up

Items stored on top of closet system

With the return of sundresses, sandals, and shorts, you need to pack away your heavy coats, sweaters, and boots. Storing seasonal clothing on top of your system makes use of the unused space while keeping them high up and out of the way.

Tip 2: Purge Unused Hanging Clothes

Closet organizer with hanging clothes
Photo credit: @eyeinthedetail

We’ve all kept clothes that we don’t love, have never worn, or hope we will fit into but never do. Chances are as you bring out your spring wardrobe from last year, you’ll find blouses, blazers, and dresses that fit those categories. If so, donate or trash them. Don’t let the items take up valuable hanging real estate—you may need to make room after your spring shopping haul.

Once the unused clothing is gone, you can adjust your system’s hanging rods to any height or tower using moveable brackets to optimize your space.

Tip 3: Dust Shelves and Drawers

Closet system shelves with accessories
Photo credit: @thecoastaloak

Since most people don’t dust daily, closets can become dirty and may require a deep cleaning every season. Start by removing all of the items from the shelf and wiping down surfaces, including the insides of each drawer, with a microfiber cloth.  Give your boxes and accessories a wipe down, too.

If you’re feeling extra productive, use a cleaner to scrub away any additional grime until your system sparkles. And while you’re at it, wipe down the walls and vacuum the floor, especially in a walk-in closet where your shoes may have tracked in dirt. 

Tip 4: Display Flowers on a Shelf

Close up of flowers and perfume bottles on closet shelf
Photo credit: @sandramorganliving

Bring spring inside your closet with fresh-cut flowers that add life and color to your shelf. These gorgeous blooms brighten up the room, making a small reach-in closet feel luxurious yet inviting. More than a sweet way to accent your organizer, floral arrangements can also boost your mood and energy so getting ready in the morning is a joy.

Tip 5: Add Extra Storage Accessories

Open closet drawer with jewelry
Photo credit: Amber R.

Spring-cleaning your wardrobe encourages you to take stock of the items you already have and plan for the pieces you may add. If you find yourself outgrowing your closet, don’t stress. Closets by Liberty™ offers a variety of storage accessories that can be purchased separately and added to your system.

Choose from shallow drawers, deep drawers, and shelves to customize your closet as it evolves with your needs. The shallow drawers are a great home for your springtime accessories, from sunglasses to jewelry.

Tip 6: Change Drawer Pulls for a New Look

White drawers with gold pulls and clothes on shelves

Small details matter. The shape of and finish on your drawer pulls can transform the look of your system in a matter of minutes.

Each Closets by Liberty™ system comes with classic brushed nickel hardware, but these can be easily updated to match your home’s style or quickly change the feel of your space.

For traditional elegance, opt for bronze, chrome, and stainless steel finishes. Choose bold finishes like gold or matte black to create a trendy, modern appearance. At Liberty Hardware, we offer a wide variety of cabinet hardware to complement the classic white finish of your Closets by Liberty™ system.

Enjoy Custom Storage This Spring

Spring clean your way to better closet organization.

With Closets by Liberty™ systems, you can seamlessly transition your wardrobe from season to season. Find the right system for your space today and shop additional storage accessories for a completely customized organizer.

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