5 Tips to Optimize Your Closet Organization for Summer

Posted: May 23, 2023
4 min. read
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Sunshine, warm weather, and endless summer days are ahead, making it the perfect time to start transitioning your closet for the new season. Once you pack away your bulky sweaters and outer layers, you’ll free up valuable closet real estate for your favorite warm-weather essentials.
Organizing your clothes by type is a great way to keep your closet tidy. Grouping like items ensures everything is easy to find. Learn how you can maximize your closet space this summer with a few simple tips and a flexible Closets by Liberty™ system.

T-Shirts and Tank Tops

t-shirts folded in deep drawer
Photo courtesy of @eyeinthedetail

You can never have too many graphic tees or chic tank tops. But as your collection grows, you’ll need to manage the pile or it’ll soon become a giant, disorganized mess. 

To avoid ending up with a drawer full of balled-up, wrinkled clothes, neatly fold your tees and tanks so they stand upright. Closets by Liberty’s deep drawers provide a 9” depth that has enough vertical space to use this space-saving folding technique.


Sundresses, shoes an accessories in a closet organizer
Photo courtesy of @fostermomfarmhouse

Perfect for every day or a night out, sundresses are some of the most versatile pieces of the season. Their lightweight, flowy material is ideal for the dog days of summer, but it also makes them wrinkle-prone. 

Hanging up your dresses will keep them looking beautiful and well organized, so you can easily choose your favorite and throw it on—no iron needed. Closets by Liberty™ systems can be customized for extra hanging space using adjustable rods that move to any height so even your maxi dresses have room.

Bathing Suits

Whether you prefer one-pieces or bikinis, bathing suits are a summer staple. If you have only a few, you can likely store them alongside your underwear in a shallow drawer. Adding a drawer organizer can help keep them neatly displayed, so you don’t have to dig around when packing for your beach vacation. 

Hats and Purses

hats, purses and shirts in closet system
Photo courtesy of @fostermomfarmhouse

Both functional and stylish, hats and purses are the perfect summer accessories. Show them off on a moveable shelf that you can place anywhere in your Closets by Liberty™ system. Along with making it easier to see all your options at once, you won’t have to worry about your cute hat or oversized handbag being crushed at the bottom of a drawer.  

Sandals and Flip Flops

One of the best parts of summer is busting out your strappiest sandals and showing off your pedicure. If you’re an avid shoe lover, you likely have a collection of every type of summer shoe for every occasion and outfit. Closets by Liberty’s Pull Out Shoe Storage allows you to stadium stack them to save space and easily reach any pair without fuss.

Organize Your Summer Wardrobe With Closets by Liberty™

The perfect summer closet really does exist! Create yours with a Closets by Liberty™ system that’s designed to change with you from season to season. 

Our organizer comes in 3- to 11-foot sizes to fit perfectly in reach-in and walk-in closets and can be customized with additional storage accessories to meet your organizational needs.

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