10 Tips To Make Your Closet Look Like a Luxurious Boutique

Posted: May 22, 2023
5 min. read
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If you love shopping at boutiques, you’ll love bringing a bit of that feeling home.

A boutique-style closet starts with beautiful closet organization, but it doesn’t stop there. Here are 10 ways to give your closet a more chic, luxury look and feel.

1. Add an Accent Wall

White reach-in closet with floral wallpaper

Accent walls allow you to add a bold touch to a small space without being overwhelming, which is why they’re so popular with boutiques. To add an accent wall to your closet, choose the wall with the most visible space to make the biggest impact. Opt for a wallpaper or paint color that compliments your decor but is different from the color of the rest of your walls.

See how home improvement blogger and DIY expert Jessie Ecker of Eye in the Detail personalized her custom closet with floral peel-and-stick wallpaper.

2. Keep Accessories in Clear Acrylic Organizers

clear storage bins on closet shelf

Clear acrylic storage is a popular choice for accessory displays at boutiques because it’s chic and allows you to see everything inside at once. You can recreate this look in your own closet by using clear acrylic boxes to hold accessories like sunglasses, silk scarves or even jewelry. Stylish storage that gives you a clear view of your accessories? Yes, please!

3. Decorate With Chic Storage Bins

closet with bins and boxes

Storage bins don’t have to be boring! Like your clear acrylic organizers, choosing decorative but functional storage solutions can elevate your closet to boutique-like status. If your aesthetic is glam, try gold baskets. For a more natural look, woven or plain canvas baskets are ideal.

4. Brighten Your Closet With Elegant Lighting Fixtures

chandelier hanging in walk-in closet

Don’t underestimate the impact a lighting fixture can have on the look and feel of a room—or closet. Trade your standard light fixtures for something with a bit more pizazz. Track lights are great for adding a little drama, while a chandelier is a classic choice for elevating a space.

Use our lighting guide to discover the best lighting for your reach-in or walk-in closet.

5. Add LED Strip Lights Under Shelves

led strip light

If you’ve ever been in an upscale boutique or store, you may have seen lighted shelving. The lighting they give off is soft but shows off the products perfectly.

Luckily, this look is easy to replicate in your own home with LED strip lights and instantly makes your closet look like a boutique. LED strip lights are flat strips with adhesive on one side, so they easily stick to the underside of shelves. Look for battery-powered lights to make turning them on and off a cinch. This type of light is affordable and available at home improvement stores and from a variety of stores online.

6. Take Your Shoe Storage Vertical

shoes in a closet

Most of us store our shoes on horizontal shelves or shoe racks. But to make your closet look like a boutique, try vertical shelves or a shoe wall. Not only will it look more high-end, but it will also allow you to get a better look at all of your sandals, flats and heels. (And when paired with the LED strip lights we mentioned, it’ll look even more like a boutique!)

Let your shoes take center stage in your closet with these do’s and don’ts of shoe storage.

7. Install Crown Molding

Close up of flowers and perfume bottles on closet shelf

Crown molding adds a refined touch to any room, and your closet is no different. Installing crown molding is a relatively easy DIY project: just head to your local home improvement store to choose the crown molding that matches your aesthetic, paint or stain it and then install the decorative trim with a nail gun. Voilà! Your closet is instantly chicer.

If you’re interested in subtlety, consider a closet organizer that features elegant crown molding on the edges of the frame.

8. Display Artwork on the Walls

Walk-in closet with framed picture on wall

We don’t typically think of hanging art in our closet, but it’s a must if you’d like to make it feel more like a boutique. Since you’re likely working with a limited amount of wall space, try hanging large statement pieces that match your aesthetic. If you’re really limited on wall space, small pieces that coordinate or compliment each other are a great option.

9. Hang Wall Mirrors

Walk-in closet with laminate flooring

Mirrors are a must in any boutique, for obvious reasons. In your own closet, mirrors can do double duty: they not only let you admire your outfit but also make smaller spaces feel larger and more open. For maximum functionality, try a full-length mirror and a medium to large hanging mirror on an opposite wall.

10. Create a Sitting Area

6-foot walk-in closet system with pale pink walls and bench

Boutiques have sitting areas for shoppers that need a little rest, so adding one to your closet is a no-brainer! Add a chair or bench for when you just need to give your outfit a bit more thought—or go the extra mile and add a vanity.

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