10 Tips For Organizing A Kid's Closet

Posted: May 19, 2023
7 min. read
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Do you feel like your kid’s clothing and toys multiply as seasons change and items are outgrown? You’re not alone! Natalie Dalapias, the mom and blogger behind The Creative Mom, recently tackled her son’s closet with the help of Closets by Liberty™.

Natalie utilized the range of storage accessories, including shelves, drawers, and hanging rods, to create a custom closet organization system that can evolve as her son’s needs change.  

It’s easier than you think to do the same for the kids’ closets in your home! Here’s how she did it in 10 easy steps.

before and after closet

Step 1: Clean Everything Out of the Closet

To get started, you’ll need a clean slate. Take everything out of the closet so you can examine what you are storing in the space. Are you just organizing a child’s wardrobe? Or will you also be storing some toys, books, and school supplies?

No matter which new storage and organization system you choose to use, you’ll need to remove the old system from the closet. Take this opportunity to vacuum out every corner of the closet and touch up any paint. For more prep tips, check out this post.

empty closet
To begin, Natalie completely emptied her son’s closet.

Step 2: Maximize the Closet’s Square Footage

Choose a closet organization system that utilizes every inch of storage space. Natalie selected a Closets by Liberty™ system because the thin frames maximize the storage area you have in each tower. 

You can move the shelves, drawers, and hanging rods to any height to make room for your items and ensure there is a home for everything. This prevents large gaps between shelves that create unused space.

I feel like I am able to maximize every single inch of the closet, so I get a lot of organization bang for my buck.” –Natalie Dalapias

system installed in closet
Natalie installed a 6-foot Closets by Liberty™ system.

Step 3: Organize Kids Clothes Into Categories

Before you begin placing items back into your closet, organize them by category. What needs to be folded? What needs to hang? What should be stored in a drawer?

Consider grouping items by seasonality. All t-shirts could be neatly stored together, while warmer sweatshirts could be folded in another pile.

Another way to group your kid’s clothing is by activity. Perhaps their everyday shorts and shirts should be in an easy-to-reach drawer, while dress clothes could be hung on a higher rod.

Step 4: Use Drawers to Store Personal Items

Deep drawers are a great way to store items discretely. Tuck away items that you don’t want to show off on a shelf. 

Shallow drawers make a great home for socks, underwear, bathing suits, and comfy clothes. You could also utilize them to store accessories like hats, scarves, and mittens that don’t hang or fold neatly.

Step 5: Hang Clothes Rods Low For Easy Access

Make it simple for your child to reach hanging items by placing your hanging rods at a lower height. 

With a Closets by Liberty™ system, you can easily customize the hanging height, moving the rods and brackets to any point along the tower frame. Start with rods at a lower height, then raise them as needed in a snap. No tools are needed! Simply rotate and click into place.

I love that we can have the clothes rods lower right now, while our kids are young, but still have the option to raise them up when they get bigger. –Natalie Dalapias

kid taking shirt off low hanging bar
Natalie placed hanging rods within arms reach.

Step 6: Add Shelves for Bulky Items

Shelving is perfect for the items that don’t live on a hanger or are tucked away in a drawer. This is most likely your bulkier items like blankets, sweaters, and toys. 

You can lower or raise the height of a Closets by Liberty™ shelf to stack items neatly. Place the items used most frequently on lower shelves so your child can easily find their favorite belongings.

Natalie stored bulky items like blankets and toys on shelves.
Natalie stored bulky items like blankets and toys on shelves.

Step 7: Find A Home For Shoes

Small shoes like flip flops and ballet flats easily slide under the bottom shelf or drawer in a Closets by Liberty™ system, wasting no space! Taller rain boots or snow boots may fit best on a shelf. Simply adjust the height of the shelf to make room. You can also add the Pull Out Shoe Storage that’s designed to efficiently stack your shoes.

Step 8: Attach Hooks To Closet Doors

Looking for the perfect spot to hang a backpack or baseball cap? Attach hanging hooks to the interior of your closet doors. 

For lightweight items, no need to screw the hooks into the door. Try an adhesive hook that won’t cause any damage or holes.

closet full of clothes
Natalie added hanging hooks to the inside of the closet doors.

Step 9: Store Seasonal Items Out of Reach

At the end of each season, assess which items won’t be worn for months to come. We recommend moving those items up to a top shelf or higher hanging rod. That keeps the most relevant items at eye level so your child can quickly find what he or she needs. With our closet organizer, it’s easy to transition your closet from season to season.

Step 10: Reorganize as Your Child Grows

Closets by Liberty™ systems feature a high-quality, built-in look that will remain timeless. Everything else about your system is designed to evolve! 

As your child grows, you’ll love how adjustable the system is. Don’t forget to check back in periodically and see how you could update and improve your child’s closet by rearranging the shelves, drawers, and rods.

The best part is that you don’t have to stick with one layout for eternity. You can change things around however you want! So if you don’t like the way you had it, you can adjust it again and again.” –Natalie Dalapias

Less Mess. Less Stress.

No matter what size your kid’s closet is, there is a Closets by Liberty™ system to meet your needs. And with these 10 tips, you’ll quickly transform your storage and organization.

For more information on how Natalie selected and installed her Closets by Liberty system, read her full blog post here.